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History of Julee professional writing services

Julee professional writing services was founded in 2021.As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, most people lost their jobs increasing the number of job searchers. Fresh graduates  always found it difficult to find jobs due to lack of experience in the industries. Some experienced job seekers took time to be hired after they lost their jobs due to poor presentation skills of themselves to the hiring managers.

The Pandemic  also  forced  people to live online. Many businesses and consumers  adapted to the ever-changing digital market place. Web sites became an easy way of communicating information. More website  builders and developers were needed to create websites for businesses to reach more people, to be easily found and to build their online presence as means of maintaining a connection with their customers.

It was from this view that the company was created to help jobseekers to introduce themselves to hiring managers in a way that will help them beat competition landing them interviews and job offers and to promote people to do businesses online.

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Our Vision

  • Is to become a leading Professional writing service provider that strives for success, perfection and to exceed customer’s expectation by giving them the best quality they deserve.


Our Mission

  • Our mission is to deliver fast, affordable, competitive and innovative services, serving our clients with professionally written eye catching CVs/Resumes and Cover letters that grabs the attention of the employer landing job interviews as well as serving our clients in a wide range of area both locally and internationally.

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Policy statement

  • The company will conform to proper standards of document writing and presentation (International CV requirements).

  • Julee Professional writing services will respect confidential information and maintain complete confidentiality.

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  • Connect our business to at least 2 recruiters by the end of Dec 2023. Julee Professional Writing Services will work together with recruiters to assist companies to get suitable candidates for their vacant positions. Our customers will gain confidence in the company.

  •  Create or revamp about 200 winning CVs for people by the end of December 2022.Heavy advertising will be done on social media platforms such as (Facebook, twitter, Instagram and linked In) ,websites, YouTube channels and also make use of posters, banners and flyers to capture audience and attract heavy traffic.

  • Design about 100 eye catching CV/Resume templates that will enable employers to find important details with ease by July 2022.The Company will have variety of templates which enables a customer to choose a template of her choice.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by 50% .Julee Professional Writing Services will strive to write CVs, Resumes and Cover letters that comply with international Curriculum Vitae requirements, and impactful enough to land our customers job interviews. Customers’ survey will be done to record their feedback through multiple choice questions, rating questions or open minded questions. This will be accomplished by December 2022.

  • Julee Professional writing services also aims to create at least 20 business websites for clients by the end of 2022 with the goal of promoting businesses online.


Who we are

We are professional writing specialists who aims at heightening the chances of interview selection resulting in job offers.

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We specialise in professional writing services for the following countries.

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe

  • Zambia

  • DRC

  • Botswana

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

  • USA

  • UAE



  1. Send us an email, WhatsApp message or call us.

  2. We will call back our clients for consultation or chat via WhatsApp or emails depending on the communication method that they are comfortable with.

  3. Clients to send us their Cv on WhatsApp or email.

  4. Clients make payments by direct credit or PayPal.

  5. The Cv, resume or cover letter is emailed to the client according to the schedule agreed.