What You Need

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Cv / Resume writing.

Our Cvs vs Resumes vary in length ,what's included and what they are used for.

Cvs tend to be longer than 2 to 3 pages while resumes are not more than 1 page. Cvs focus on one's  academic background and the content  includes your degrees, research teaching experience, publications, awards and other academic related achievements while our resumes focus on working experience and other work related achievements. The Cvs we produce can be used for applying for grants, fellowships and academia among others whilst resumes can be used in application of positions in industries and other job applications. Resumes are commonly used in the UK while Cvs are used in USA and Canada.

Understanding the difference between a Cv and a Resume will enable you to choose the one that  will facilitate being called for  an interview.

We offer help with Cv  / Resume  Writing from scratch. We also edit your existing Cvs to provide a Cv that makes you exceptional.

We transform hand written to modern typed Cvs using the best templates.

We make Cvs from entry level to senior executive, a career starter or returning from career break, thus we help people at all levels

We work hard to write Cvs /Resumes that helps you to sabotage your competitors.

Our turn around time is 1to 3 days depending on how urgent your work is.

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Cover letter writing.

Writing a cover letter shows the employer that you are serious about the opportunities, gives a better understanding to the employer and also reveals your professional writing skills to the employer.

Our cover letters are well presented, concise and to the point and they interest the the employer in reading your resume/Cv.

Our writing skills that include self introduction as an applicant, highlighting your qualifications and strengths, convincing the employer that you are fit for the specific job to which you are applying for, experience related to the employer's needs amongst other things makes our cover letters a standout.

Our professionally written content makes a big enough impact to the hiring manager increasing the chances of being called back. The contents are rich enough to strengthen your candidacy and increase your odds of landing an interview.

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Website Designing.

Our websites are outstanding and can help you make your ideas a reality. 

Word press is the most popular management system in use today amongst other website builders in use. Creation of  websites is made faster

and the cost is low. It allows us to change existing content and imagery and also add more pages or new posts just to mention a few.

We offer copy writing services. Our website copy writer will ask you a set of content to prompt you for the raw content. Once  we have sourced the content then it will be re-worked to a proper length and quality.

Depending on how quick we can get the website content and how quick you give us feedback on updates that we have made, the turn around time is normally 2 to 4 weeks.