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Jean Junior Lumbu


Having an engineering background, I consider everything as a project , be it my self, my relationship, my family. This being said here in this website, my project is to make your future employer feel good about you, considering that most of our decision takings are based on our emotions. The better we feel  the better we do. Allow us to introduce you to your future employer and make him feel good about you through our writings. I decided to undertake this project after experiencing a remark  from my ex employer, he said "You are better in a personal interview than your resume says", he continues "If it wasn't by gut I would have not given you a chance to be here, so please next time introduce your self properly, by the way we are taking you" .Not everyone has the right gut to give you such a a life time opportunity. From this experience, it came in my mind the idea of introducing anybody properly. In brief this is why we are here. As a result of the passion that I have to assist people to improve their lives I also share academic related information with people and life coaching through my YouTube channels and Facebook page.

"We believe that everyone is capable of doing remarkable stuff, but sometimes we need a bit of help... We are here to help you"


Lisa Mudede


As an engineer with good writing, presentation, research skills and the ability to identify and solve problems I have decided to help job seekers to identify and choose the right content when applying to hiring managers. I am here to remove the pain of doing it your self  and you might not get it right, so please allow our specialty work for you. Mistakes are killing, as they make people lose job interviews. My main aim is to help you perfect your job applications. During the writing process, I help clients to determine which format is the best for the target audience and in alignment with their professional brand.

"Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts".